Dear Blog,

Alright! Saints won a playoff game! I’m sooo excited. I’ve been really watching a lot of football since playoffs started. I even BBQed today, cause I was just excited about football. You better believe I’m going to do everything exactly like I did today to please the football gods. Lots of work during the week, and all the same rituals during the weekend!

So, I jogged a whole 2 miles today! Oh my gosh! That took a beating out of me. Colleen still jogs slightly faster than I do, but I’m thinking I may run an aditional sprint every other day just so I can build up some speed!

And then we celebrated a friends birthday afterwards, and watched the terminal. I wish I never have to hear that my country is at war when I leave to visit other countries! When Colleen and I got home, we finished a mosaic puzzle of Charlie Brown! Man it was hard at the end when all we had were red pieces, but we still got a strategy going, and finished it up! All-in-all, fun times!

– E.T.