Dear Blog,

I went over to a district study meeting today, and we studied how the Spring always follows the Winter. Obvious, I know, but apply this in your daily lives. Do not think the Autumn is coming when you are in the dead of winter. Or do not think that things are going to go back to bad, when you are already suffering. Spring is coming, and things are looking up. But not only that, but suffering is part of life. Instead of thinking about how nothing good happens to you, think about what suffering you get to overcome, which will lead to your happiness. If the hardest thing you had to do was get out of bed, life wouldn’t be very fulfilling. Similarly, you can never be courageous when you don’t fear anything. Use your practice, your faith, whatever you have as your weapon in life, and find yourself, your goals, your life,… your happiness.


Personally I don’t like the covered calls… so I’m going to stick with plain stocks and maybe some options if I could ever trade them. Can’t wait to try that. I know they are risky, but they can really add some bang to a stock. Come on SoGoTrade…. why won’t you take me as a customer. They said they’re revamping their site so that me and other investors can reapply for options, and actually buy them.

I know I just gone completely crazy for stocks, but I freaking love it! I am reading books by Jim Cramer. I got like 20 pages left of Stay Mad for Life, and can’t wait for Getting Back to Even. One of these posts will be what I have learned from each book. Real Money was more technical, and I think I liked that one more. I hear this 3rd book is going to be the hardest, and I just can’t wait.

Well my game that I’m making has been made, somewhat. I’m going to add some new features, and maybe multi platform support. We’ll see! I’ll give you a hint though, it will be facebook dependent.

– E.T.