I was curious to see how Nakama played with Unity. Here are the steps I have done to try it out!

I’m following this guide:

Download docker-compose.yml

Download docker-compose.yml into a Local Nakama Directory
(i.e. C:\Nakama)

Run Docker Compose

cd {NakamaDirectory}
docker compose up

Just like that, the server is up! Noice!

Nakama Server located at: http://localhost:7350
Nakama Console located at: http://localhost:7351
by default the username:password are admin:password

Checkout Documentation

So, after realizing it was super simple installing Nakama. I then started looking at some documents.

Unity Client Guide: https://heroiclabs.com/docs/nakama/client-libraries/unity-client-guide/
Example Project: https://github.com/heroiclabs/unity-sampleproject


Nakama is an awesome tool, and I will definitely use it in the future. However, I found that I had to get too much into the nitty gritty to get it working for simple games. Unreal Engine abstracts this away from me so I can focus on design. So, I think I’m going to continue using Unreal Engine for my current multiplayer projects. I need to make something fun before I decide to optimize. So, that’s where I landed and that’s where I’ll continue.