Dear Blog,

Oh man, if I thought I was out late yesterday, today, I must’ve never got home. I did, and it’s almost 4:30 AM as I write this blog. It’ll be a hard one to remember as I may be beyond fatigued, but here’s what I got.

I slept at my bro’s around 3:30 AM yesterday and woke up at 9:30 AM today. I had pancakes and eggs + salmon at the beginning of the day, thanks Alex. Then after messing around for a bit, we leave the house at 11 something, and go pick up some dogs and charcoal and head over to Lake Travis Dam. We BBQ there, and we got to take a dip in the lake. It’s been good, cause I haven’t taken a dip this whole summer.

Then after a few hours of burning, we go to my brother’s friend, Angela’s, house. I met quite a bit of interesting people, and helped BBQ there. The people there, and names I could remember were, Angela, Will, Stephanie, Buddy, Mav, Robbie, Cleveland, Alex, and more. It was good times, and then we planned to go downtown afterwards.

So we head back home, wear nicer clothes, and go out. We hit Molotov’s first where we get liquored up, and we meet up with Alex L, and a few of his friends (two couples). As I’m with mostly all guys, basically, we are just checking out the scene, and having a good time. Then we leave, and Alex L suggests we go to the Butterfly club. Well, we get there, and there’s these colored flags over the doors. Just like any good New Orleanian knows, we saw that we were going to a gay/lesbian bar. This was my first time, and it was as all rumors I heard before, great music and high energy. So, yeah I had a good time, but had to stop drinking because some kind of Whiskey drink hurt my internals (like stomach and such).

Did some dancing, had some drinking, and blub that babble. Yeaahhhhhh, I’m way to tired to be writing right now, but I think we all get the idea. Great time, and another day in Austin.

Good night!

– Eduardo Tomas Garcia