Dear Blog,

Happy Thursday Night! It’s getting close to the weekend. I can’t wait for another day, learn more 3D, learn more about stocks, and get closer to making my game!

Well, Big Brother is getting way too exciting. I won’t spoil anything, but the last episode is going to be exciting. Can’t wait! I wish I could go on Big Brother one day. I think it’d be fun!

Well, I’ve been working on Chapter 6 for the last 2 days. I got up to step 26 sometime this morning, and up to step 49 tonight. This is all out of 173 steps. But I’m getting faster and faster thanks to this tutorial from 3ds Max Modeling for Gaming.

Step 26:

Haha, when we watched BB11 at Colleen’s house, we also had some Gummy Pizza from Big Lots (50 cents). It was interesting to say the least! Here’s a picture of it.

Stocks did well today. I made some money, and can’t wait to learn more about investing from Jim Cramer. Once I get this posted, I’m going straight to reading. So good night, I’ll blog more manana.

– E.T.