Dear Blog

Alright, alight! What’s up! It’s the end of Thursday (technically Friday) and I’m writing another blog. I woke up early today! 7:30AM! Very excited about that. And since I was up early, I decided to do something that may be cool (or not cool) for myself. I invested in stocks! Yay! Anyway, it was $3 a trade, and I always thought a trade consisted of multiple stocks, but i guess it just consist of trading one company (multiple shares). Sooo, I bought a boat load of stocks and hope my luck and instincts lead me the right way.

I tried running with Jacque today, but he did not want to budge when we got to the track. He was very finiky, so I pretended we were going home, but the other way, and he fell for it! We did it like twice, and then he caught on. I’d say we ran about 1/4 to 1/3 of a mile. Not too great, but hopefully good enough.

My bro picked me up at 12:30pm and we went to eat at the Bleu River Grille hosted by Texas Culinary Academy. It was a nice place with an amazing Cobe Burger. Lots of culinary students around. Then we walked over to his work, King’s isle, where I met all his crazy/cool co-workers. Nice place, and love the art and culture all over the office. Video game industry seems pretty awesome.

Then I walked down to the Borders (a block away from where I was) so that my brother could return to work, and I could start on mine. I programmed the section in where admin’s can add or delete users. So far no JavaScript, pure PHP. Well I lied, the only JavaScript is the time incrementing every second. I had nice black coffee for $2, and that lasted me the rest of the day as I sipped, sipped, and sipped.

After work we went over to the Daily Grill where it was Happy Hour. I had 2 beers, and lots of $2 – $3 plates, like Ahi Tuna, Calimari, and Hummus. Good stuff. We checked out the Apple store for a few minutes, and Apple has their stuff together. Everything is sleek, bright, and responsive. We should all take note, and apply it everywhere for some fierce competition.

At this point, we headed back home, had lotsa water, and some wine, and watched Grandma’s Boy. Very funny movie about a game tester who moves in with his Grandma.

Then we got the Wii to boot backed up games from a hard drive, or USB stick in my case. I really should remember the steps, so I’m posting a quick section right here. Run loadmii, or bootmii, and load DowngradeIOS35.dol. Using IOS36, install IOS35.wad using a wad manager. Then using IOS35, install cIOSv7.wad. Then with IOS249, install IOS36.wad (and HBC.wad if you don’t have homebrew yet). Restart the system, install IOS60patched.wad. Then install latest cIOS from Waninkoko’s blog, which is cIOS38rev13b. Install a cool USB Loader, like USB Loader GX, or just USB Loader 1.5, and stick in your original Wii games, and copy them straight to the hard drive by clicking the ‘+’. Click on the DVD icon to download the cover, and boom. You got yourself your original Wii games on a hard drive. Save that poor DVD-Drive for later days.

While I was trying to get this all working, we played a bit of Urban Terror, a free, older First Person Shooter (FPS) where you run around and kill each other, like usual. You can capture the flag, deathmatch, etc. We played til’ really late (around now). So hopefully I can keep my waking up at decent hours in check. Wish me luck (used to be my email address, really!)