Dear Blog,

Today has been a pretty good day. I woke up pretty late because I went to bed extremely late. I have a program called Videora Palm Pre Converter that converts all my videos to Palm Pre format. Converting the first whole season of DBZ to fit on my Pre. I’m not quite sure where I can watch it… maybe when I work out. I guess I’m gonna need a treadmill.

Well, I wanted to mention that I bought a keyboard and mouse from the net for $25. It’s wireless! My first wireless keyboard and mouse set. I love it! Later that day, I had some corn and stawberry water for lunch, and like 4 burgers for dinner. Where did I have these burgers you ask….?

I went to the Zephyr’s game. It was cool. I also invited Colleen’s mom, Karen, because she never went to a Zephyr’s game before. She must’ve been good luck, because we won 4-3! Then afterwards we had a nice fireworks show!

I dropped Karen home, and Colleen and I hung out there for a bit with Sparky. He still knows most his tricks, and more interesting, he remembers who I am!

Then I got back home, and I played some Mario Strikers Charged. Cool game, and I finally figured out a cool cheat/trick shot for the ghost character. Alright, well, here’s how you do it. Take the ghost character next to your own goalie. Start charging the ghost and then teleport into the goalie. Pass it to someone across the field and shoot. Tada! Instant goal! Cheap if you ask me, but if others do it, I will.

Well it’s late, soo good night blog. I’ll speak with ya tomorrow.

– ETdoFresh