Dear blog,

I’m feeling good today. I got some volleyballing in and feeling all worked out. I really need some stress relief. I’m worried what will happen this week. I have a few things to do this week that I “volunteered” for, and always seem to be regretting what I volunteered for until the last minute. It’s never that bad… but why do I have this regret…

Again, like last post, I want to be selfish. Just in this next few years. I need to set MYSELF up, before I try and save the world… which I won’t at the pace I’m going. I say I’ll do this job, I’ll do that job when in fact, I’m not in dire need of money. However, in the situation I am, people ask me what I do… and I tell them I’m writing a video game… which is true! Sigh, anxiety, anxiety….

I really just need the love of that special person. I need understanding.

Anyway, quick recap of my day. Woke up around 12pm. Went over to Matt’s house and watched the Saints. We did great after sometime. But Reggie needs to run better, and not stutter, not run backwards, and not try too hard. I hope Bell is OK, because he gives us at least some type of run game. Then I played some volleyball. I beat myself up alot on the court. I want to be perfect. No mistakes. But some happened. I will improve. And then home! Ahh, a very lite dinner, a quick shower, and now I’m laying in bed and blogging. Maybe more days should be like this for me. I’ll at least get skinner quickly if I could keep this up every other day!

– E.T.