Dear blog,

Brr. Another cold night in New Orleans. I have a schedule to keep to run the Crescent City Classic. Goodness, I can’t see how I’ll be able to train for 3 more months! But I will along with other things!

So I’m getting into this thing called Nike+. I just purchased the Nike+ Sensor online for $18.94 from J&Rs and bought the Marware Sportsuit Sensor for $9.95 after shipping. It’s this sensor that you put on your shoe that let’s you know how far you ran and includes sign up to a site where you can share your info with your friends. Cool stuff! I’ll see how it goes and post my stuff maybe here on the blog too!

I’ve been getting work done, and feeling good! I hope to continue on this trend. Motivation = Good Feeling! Let’s keep it up!

– E.T.