Today I have an iPad Pro 2, a Logitech Smart Keyboard and a pencil. First impressions here we go!

The Installation


This was quite easy. I just brought my iPhone close to my iPad, and then it just synced my account and downloaded all my apps from my iPhone to my iPad. Great time saver!

Goofing off

I didn’t get the pencil and keyboard until mid-week. So all I found myself doing with my iPad when I first got it is watch videos/shows and play my iPhone games on a really big screen! It was great, but I felt guilty every time I did any of this because I told myself, this is not why I bought an iPad Pro 2!

Pen and Keyboard Arrives

The first thing I do is download a few pen apps to try out the pen. Oh man! With the 120Hz refresh rate, the pen is so darn silky smooth. I don’t think I can go back. I look forward to actually doing some art on this thing! Maybe even develop an app or two myself that would take this smoothness to the next level for game artists!

The keyboard is nice too. It comes in this folio case, and then there are some magnetic connectors at the bottom (side?) of the iPad that powers the keyboard. No need to worry about charging my keyboard, thank goodness!

The Itch

Well, not soon after I get the keyboard and pen, I get the itch. Where are my windows? How do i code with this thing? Where’s my mouse!?! I freak out a bit. I install TeamViewer to get access to my desktop. I try to use visual studio and unity. I realize my keyboard does not have any F keys!! Have I made a tremendous mistake believing this thing could replace my laptop?

First Week Conclusion

This device is nice, very nice! Super quick and super smooth. If I was solely an artist, I’d say screw everything else for pen/stylus input… this is the tool I always wanted.

However, I’m mostly a programmer/coder these days, and I haven’t found that same sweet spot. I remoted into my computer and saw the tools I am used to. However, I don’t think remoting to other devices is where this device will accel or what this device is made for. I can see a big oppurtunity for some kind of hybrid device/cloud ide where you write the code in a nice iOS app, and it compiles and runs in the cloud. Such would be a killer app for iPads/Androids and I think it can make a lot of money. Something to ponder I guess.

Well, it’s just the first week on my journey. Hopefully I’ll find what I’m looking for. I am definitely coming from a strong windows background and have experienced a lot already trying to switch over. Comment below if you have questions about trying to replace a windows laptop with an iPad. I’ll see what insight I can provide.