So after one month trying out the iPad Pro 2, I had to go back to a laptop with a real OS on it. I was dangerous enough with just the iPad Pro 2 and I simply loved the user experience, but was not my best self when using just the iPad. Here is my personal chart of pros/cons or wins for each.

Apple iPad Pro 2 Microsoft Surface Book (1st gen)
120Hz Display Mouse/Trackpad
Drawing Fluidity F1-12 Keys
Screen Quality Available Software
Touch Fluidity File Management/Access
On/Off/Switch Speed
Access to iMessage

Apple iPad Pro 2 Summary

Oh man, Apple’s ProMotion 120Hz screen makes me drool. I love it! I can’t get enough of it. It’s just sooo good. I attribute the drawing and touch fluidity to this as well. Browsing the web, reading my emails, reading my text message, and just about everything feels right. If I wasn’t a programmer, and could care less about how files got around, this would be my device of choice. But, unfortunately, I do care :p.

Microsoft Surface Book (1st gen) Summary

OK, so I got a top of the line Surface Book (1st gen and cracked unfortunately). But it’s good enough! It has touch, it has a pen, and does what iPad Pro 2 does, almost as good. However, lags/stutters/etc take a lot away from the the user experience in my opinion. But, this thing can use a mouse! What a novel idea! This allows use of a wider array of software, manage your files, and able to do some real programming work. What I also really like is the keyboard has a second battery and more powerful video card. Cool idea!

Ideal machine

Give me a machine that has a performance base like the surface book, add Mac OS X with touch and pen support, and give me that sweet sweet 120Hz display….. and I’m all yours. Love -ET