Dear Blog,

Just wanted to post a quick Pre Update. I found a solution to get My Tether 1.5 to work with Palm Pre WebOS 1.2.1. I used the method from Leathal’s Post on Here’s a quick copy and past of his method:

  1. Connect your Pre in dev mode to your computer
  2. Download the old driver
  3. Open up WebOS Quick Install and choose “Send File” from the Tools menu
  4. Browse to where you saved sd8xxx.ko
  5. Paste the following line in Destination Folder:
  6. Click Send to Device and reboot your Pre when it’s done (Sym+Orange+R)

Cool! Also you can edit the SSID in the sh file found in TetherService.jar found in /usr/lib/luna/java. Happy PalmPre’ing!

– E.T.