So, I’ve spent the first part of this weekend and 3 days this week moving my blog from WordPress to Ghost. Then decided that wasn’t right for me, then decided to move from WordPress to Hugo/

I’ve spent hours and hours. Time that I tell myself I don’t have. But something has taken over me. Something is telling me just to do it! A part of me is fighting the responsible adult in me and saying DOOO ITTT!!!!! It will be good to store my progress… my life’s work…. on a website.

Maybe it’s me coping with the world situation and my personal situation.

It’s helpful, for sure, and time just flies away. But I sit here at the computer, converting years of posts into a unified markdown language. Now that I’m here, I know any kind of maintenance will be much easier since it’s just files on GitHub. No servers. No databases. No anything. Just one set of files… converting to another set of files.

So I think this effort is helping me psychologically. I’m feeling better as I get closer and closer to being done with this conversion. I’ve neglected research. I’ve neglected game making. I’ve neglected the other things that I think I should do or things I think I give me pleasure.

At this point, I need to shift my focus from mental well being to physical well being. I’ve neglected that probably for a month or so now too.

But as long as I put in the time, I’ve done the best I could do!

Take care! Good night! - ET