Dear Blog,

Does this look familiar? Man, if your Palm Pre has been upgrading itself, maybe that answer would be “YEAH!"! At least I know that’s my answer! Come on Palm (PALM), get this firmware together. I updated to and it doesn’t last a day anymore. My previous problem was the PRL file and turning off roaming… I got it back to 2.25 days. But then when another update comes around, another issue pops up! I just want my phone to last roughly two days with light to moderate usage, and still have access to all sorts of cool features like mail, facebook, etc. But I get about .8 days of power now! Stock battery…. ick!

On another note, my bro said he may get more serious about blogging again! I love it! I’m not too sure which one he’ll write in mainly, but I guess I’ll follow Alex’s Life since the latest post is in that!

I love blogging, and I love just using Dreamweaver to type up my blog and upload it to blogspot! I don’t have much tonight, except super excited about the New Orleans Saints Football game tomorrow. It’s going to be a blast! Later!

– E.T.