Dear Blog,

Well I got a whole bunch of stuff these last few days that I ordered online. These things include Laser Straight (a laser line that I plan to try to do some 3D scanning). A battery for my dell… I caved in… I wanted a laptop again, but didn’t try it just yet. And then another Pre charger for my Touchstone, sent free from as a replacement our friends on ebay, 360wireless. Anyway, this charger still did not work on my Touchstone. I think I have the solution after reading some forums. I opened up the charger to see if the two pins in the middle were shorted (connected). Check! As I was closing it up, I noticed it was only 500mA, which poses a problem. The touchstone may require up to 1A (1000mA) to work correctly. So, now I just need to find a new charger (and not a new cable, like i thought earlier).

Oh, and I watched the like 4 episodes tonight of a show called Fast Forward on ABC. It’s pretty cool… the whole world gets a glimpse of the future (6 months ahead), and everyone is trying to piece the future together, and maybe even try to pursue the future they saw, or completely avoid the future they saw. As we watch, we kind of get a feel for both sides… interesting show. Check it out!

– E.T.