Dear Blog,

Man… I don’t know if you ever felt this way, but it’s been one of those days where I feel like I disappointed a loved one today. I really try to make everything happy, and “cush”, but somehow I fail. I don’t know where I go wrong, something I say, something I do. I have trouble tracing my steps back. But all I know, when tomorrow comes, I get to repair the cracks, and build on my foundation. 😛

Well I’m making some progress on 3DS Max. I made it to step 122 this morning:

Then tonight I made it to step 145:

Besides 3Ding, my mom was in town today (and a little yesterday). Well, we stopped by Emilio’s (my dad’s) grave. We chanted for him a bit, and hoped he can help us with our problems. I was skeptical when I was in the moment, but right now, I’m not sure what to think, and maybe feeling a little more open minded. Maybe he can help me. If not directly, indirectly… like motivating me when I’m completely unmotivated. So afterwards, we stopped by a restaurant that my dad and mom used to own. My mom said it still has the same chandeliers and same wall paper.

It’s nice to know about my past, but I have such a memory problems. Some things stick, but some things never do. That’s why I write here. Hopefully, I can read some entries here someday in the future, and the past will come rushing back to me. All the lessons, the feelings, the good, the bad, and the things that make life, life.

During lunch today, we went to Mother’s World’s Best Baked Ham Restaurant. It was pretty good. I little pricey for a “Po-boy”, but still pretty good. But in a city full of Po-boy’s, I think you can get better for cheaper. But still, all-in-all, good po boy.

Well off to read some book, and go to bed.

– E.T.