Dear Blog,

Today I’m going to review the Palm Pre Silicone Case (AKA Jelly or Rubber Case).

The Look and Feel

This case looks cool! I may even like the style of the Palm Pre with the case on, more than I do with it off! I’m a sucker for a rubber case. But more importantly the feel! Man, the feel is great!! I love the grip that you get when the case is on. No slip, no problem. Unlike the plastic, kind of cheap, material you feel when the Pre is bare, the rubber just gives it a ruff’N’tuff kind of feel. Very nice.

The Actual Story

Although it seems nice, this case actually SUCKS. Yeah, I know I was praising it above, but the “so-called” adhesive technology could not hold a dot of tissue paper on a wall of honey. OK, well maybe that’s an overstatement… but after 3 or 4 days the faceplate portion of the case slipped off. After it slipped off once, it never really felt the same. And when it started to feel loose, I started playing with it, probably making it more and more loose. Now it’s useless. The bottom part is still with me, but, it does only half the job… literally. I even applied a weak glue to the case and phone (my girlfriend bought puzzle glue). It helped the faceplate part of the case to stay on for another 2 days, but it came off again. With such a flimsy piece, I think more drastic attachment is necessary.


I would give this product an overall negative review due to its reliability. It feels great and looks cool, but at what cost? My next purchase will be a snap-on case… we’ll see how long that lasts…

โ€“ E.T.