Dear Blog,

At work, doing my thing, and I decided to look at myself a year ago and today. Well, I’m on my way to having long hair again (but probably chop it off way before I get close). I still get scruffly faced (beard-wise). I seem to be more outgoing last year vs today, but that’s OK. I’m being a programmer this year anyway. I am planting a new batch of vegetables and herbs, like last year. I still want to do outstanding things, but still focusing on the WHAT and not the HOW. I am employed today vs unemployed at this time last year. Not worried about money, or making money now, as it streams in as long as I give my 8 hours of the day.

The rest of this entry will be about motivation. I am, at this very moment, unmotivated, to do the things I want, and in my head, NEED. But why? Is simply wanting something not motivation enough to get your goals done. I say yes! Wanting something gives you a destination, but without anyway to get there, do you really even think about it?

For example, I want to be in Hawaii right now (b/c the beach sure sounds better than being in my office all day). But since there is no feasible way for me to be there this instant, I forget about it.

Another example, I wanted to lose like 30 lbs like 5 years ago. I’m still working on it! In that time, if I lost 1/2 a pound each month, I would have been at my goal right now! No hard workouts, not even a drastic life change. Just simply one less serving of junk a week could have got me that! But without direction or schedule available, wanting it now does not always fit the bill.

So what’s going to get me motivated? This delicious chocolate on my desk will definitely make me happy now, but that’s a step backwards from my weightloss goals. Playing videogames 3 hours a day is soo fun, but another step backwards in making videogames. The darn push and pull of life gets in the way of what I want! I want it all! I want to eat chocolate, play games, make games, lose weight, do work, goof off, and somehow get it done before I go to sleep today! (opening chocolate now… : P )

MMmmm, soo good…. Oh well, let’s just say I just decided to screw up my 1/2 lb this month.

What’s important to you? Enjoying the moment? Getting goals done? Achieving greatness? If you said all this and more, you are parallel to my world. I say the same things. Why sacrifice, when you CAN have it all? Eat that chocolate now, and hurry up and get your mind on something else before you eat 5 more. Play videogames here and there, but get off before you get sucked into beating yourself. Make videogames, create a schedule, have goals, do it ALL! You can do it! I can do it! Let’s forget the bad, and just focus on what we can do now to maximize our value of life.

That chocolate was damn good!

– ETdoFresh