Dear blog,

Wow, my first night away from the Kovacs family. I moved in perhaps a day or two before Colleen is going to move in. But it’s all very exciting. Like I just posted on facebook, I noticed my senses are all heightened. I hear everything, especially traffic on Clearview, although it’s far away and very low. I also see and always focused on something, like the patterns on the ceiling, the color of the floor, the intricacies of the border in the room I am in right now. All very new to me, and happened so quickly. I felt like moving would take forever, and that I would have some more time. But, it just happened before I knew it. I have a lot of stuff, but I realize it’s not impossible to get up and move. It’s never impossible. How strange is that? Even when you feel like you are settled, you don’t have to be. I sort of get that vibe when I think about my brother. He had a family, a house, some cars, and you think… OK, he’s settled here in Metairie, LA. Granted there was a huge hurricane that gave him the opportunity to move, or maybe forced him to move. But I think he would have made the same decision either way, because he cares for his family and wanted them to have a good home with good education.

I really appreciate the Kovac’s taking me in after the hurricane (after Colleen and I left her parent’s place.. probably about 6 months after we graduated from LSU in late 05/early 06). Years kind of fly by, like you always hear, but never really understand it until it starts happening to you. I heard it all growing up. “ET, you are growing soo fast! I can’t believe how fast times flys by.” I heard it alot! Trust me! I thought to myself when I was younger, of course it seems like time flys by, you haven’t seen me in X months. That’s a long time I thought. But now I see that it is not. Especially if you have bigger goals in mind. I do! I have things I want that are not small. I don’t know if I can complete them, but I want to give it a good ol’ underdog try before I stop actively pursuing some of these dreams.

Ugh, but can I tell you, I’m feeling fat? I’m getting fat! I think I gained a good 8-10 pounds since I started worrying about this house and maybe sometime before that. I just stopped exercising altogether, and become a lazy pig who just sits around and eats all day. What a bad habit! Scrabble at Subway, and Monopoly at McDonald’s is not helping either! On top of that, I have to go on a cruise this Monday! Way to let myself go at the wrong time, right? Anyway… I’ll have all winter to make it up (I know, I know… Thanksgiving! Christmas! Cruise!) Yup, I’m screwed! I’ll probably be the heaviest I’ve ever been in my life in 2009. I hope the heaviest in my life will be 2009… but we’ll see.

Goodness, I’m writing a lot. I have a lot on my mind, I have a lot to ponder, I have many things to do…. life, whatever you have for me… bring it! I’m ready! Nothing will stop my passion for living the life I want to live. Thanks to all those that have brought me this far…. I can’t wait to help others go further! Good Night! I’ll post more entries later… and yeah, yeah, I know, I know… no pictures this entry… it sucks! Just like the money I lost in stocks today! But what can I say? C’est la vie! Get up, fight back!

– E.T.

PS – Thank you, Kovacs, for a wonderful 3 years! I had a blast living with you guys! I know Baby Kovacs will fill my shoes and more when he/she comes around.