Dear Blog,

Phew! Been a couple days, but I’m back! I don’t have many pix, but I’ll give a highlight reel of my past week (of nothing that important).

Before the big freeze here in New Orleans, Colleen collected the figs off our fig tree and boiled them down to a fig preserve. It was sweet, but I didn’t know quite what to do with them. So I thought of Fig Newtons… I like those a lot, and figured that’s what I could do with the perserves! So I baked a giant fig cake, and gave it a taste. It’s nice for the first bite, but as you keep eating, it just doesn’t agree! Oh well, gave it a shot. Here’s how it looked like.

Then I decided to tackle a project behind my TV computer…. sorting out the coax cable back there. I bought a compressor, strpper, and F connectors set for R6 cables (or R59, i forget). So the two types of ways to put the connector on the end of a coax cable it Compression or Crimp. I chose compression because I have already done crimping with RJ-45 cable (Ethernet Cable), and I wanted to see something diffrent… It’s really no too different, but as all cable connection setup, you have to clip and strip the end of the coax. Once you have a stripped coax, you simply slide the connector on and jam it as deep as you can into the coax’s jacket. Then the compression type connectors have a plunger type area (black part in the picture below). When you compress the connector, you basically take the metal ring end of the connector, and bring it into the rest of the connector, and you no longer see the plunger. It stays on…. good enough for me. So I made a few short cables out of one medium cable, and now the splitter and the back of the computer look somewhat organized! Here are the tools and connectors I used (stripper, compressor, F connectors).

I was complaining about my Palm Pre’s silicone case before, and low and behold, a plastic snap on cover has answered my prayers. I like the color and it’s stability. Finally a case cover I don’t have to sorry about losing! The feel may not be as cool as a jelly/silicone cover, but it stays on. That’s really the most I can asked for, for a sliding face phone. So I’m happy with it.

All and all, a pretty good week. I had some audacious goals for the game I’m working on, but didn’t meet them. Even though it’s the weekend, I hope I can spend a few of these hours working on the game, cause I fell a bit behind this week. As for now, I say to you, adieu.

– E.T.

PS – Don’t watch The Girlfriend Experience, bad movie! I watched it streaming on Netflix, and there was really nothing in that movie that made me feel any completeness. Just people thrown in front of a camera following a very vague story. Watch out!