Dear Blog,

Game 2, and LSU wins against Vanderbilt with a score of 23-9, but the game was a lot closer than the score implies. I was over at a friend’s house watching the game. He has the big green egg, and we grilled up some delicious burgers, and some crazy baby back ribs. I’ve never grilled up BBQ ribs before. I know this Big Green Egg, is very expensive, so I want to look up some alternatives for a ceramic grill. Anyway, good times!

I hurt myself today… I dropped a heavy metal spatula on my toe. Ouch! And then I cut my finger cutting tomato. Been a clumsy, clumsy day.

I worked on some 3d today, like a good boy! And I’m on step 100! Man! Progress. I sometimes look back and wonder what I do this for? But then again, my skills in 3ds Max are getting better and better. I can almost as well as I can model in Caligari trueSpace. Maybe better? My renders:

Well, good night!

– E.T.