Dear Blog,

Wow! Long time no blog! I really wanted to blog since the New Year, but something has kept me from doing it. I blame it on games! Right! Games! The one thing in my life that I was supposed to be striving for and making a career for myself has been the one thing that has been my down fall these last two months! Darn you very fun games!

So what games? Well, I’ll tell you my life sucker! It’s Team Fortress 2! Oh man! That game has leeched onto my life and sucked every free second out of it. I can’t believe I let it do it too! I have a very addicting game personality, and if something is too fun for even a little while, I play! The game has 9 different classes, and with all the people out there, the dynamic is soo different. And me, I have the “I want to be the best player” bug, and I keep playing and playing until I either think I’m the best player or I just give up! It’s been a wonderful distraction, but a horrible motivator. I’m stagnant all night playing this game, where I could be programming or learning something new. Wow, I never thought I would talk bad about games, but it really hurting me at this point in my life where I want to go somewhere! Make money! Do something creative!

Ugh! I beat myself up and up, and today, I deleted the game off my computer. It took me 2 weeks of actually saying it to myself before it finally happened! Slippery road I’m on. Anyway, I’m shaking off the cob-webs, getting ready to get back to work! But it took way too long. But ergo, I must try! Try as hard as I can, because regret is the one useless waste of energy in life, and why waste good energy? Let’s go! Let’s get a move on to my life’s mission. Let’s put down the controller (or keyboard and mouse) and let’s make some games (and pick up that same keyboard and mouse)!

To start, I’ll play around with this nice Apple Ipod Touch 3rd Generation. I wonder if I should try forcing my programs onto my device, or cough up some money, and just be 100% legit on this. The answer is obvious I know, but it’s hard to break old habits. It also comes with this Nike Program which I’ll try out. It tell you distance you ran, etc. Can’t wait to give it a shot!