Dear Blog,

I really don’t know what’s up with my sleeping habits. Another day, waking up between 11AM and 12PM. It can’t be the time I’m going to bed because I go to sleep like an hour after I post these blogs. And lately, they’ve been pretty early (like 11PM or 12AM).

Well, on with my day. I’ve been hanging out with my mom, since she stayed home from work due to her eye. We had a nice little lunch, and then I changed out her guest shower head. I tell you, that old shower head (which came with the house when my mom bought it) shot water everywhere. Not only did water come out the head of the shower, it also came out this weird base, which I could only guess is a filter of some kind. Anyway, it was time for a new one, and lucklily my mom had one on hand. Looks pretty nice, and since it took a few minutes out my day, I’d figure I’d write about it.

Later, my mom introduced me to her co-workers here in her Cedar Park clinic, and it was nice. She works with some nice people there, and they also had some left over brisket and green beans (becoming a favorite of mine, i think). Then we drove around and shopped some of the day, at Fry’s Electronics, Half Price Books, and the Dollar Store (maybe Dollar Tree?).

We came back home, started making some food, and then my brother came by. We ate dinner which was rice noodles with shrimp, herbs, covered in seasame oil and cayenne extract; also a fruit smoothie and a salad with raisins and nuts. Great healthy food, and then we walked Jacque for 1.5 mi with some mild running here and there.

Everyone was tired afterwards, but my bro starting looking at a DVD player I took apart earlier. I didn’t know that most DVD players used IDE DVD drives (like in computers). Crazy! Anyway, after both of us concluded that the DVD players was broken, my bro left, and then I started watching a film called The Secret, which was about a universal secret about life and how to live. It was a really insipiring flick where I believe the overall messages were, if you can dream it, it can happen, and any energy you put into something, whether good or bad, is what you will recieve. Examples they gave were anti-war vs. pro-peace, and anti-poverty vs. pro-abudance of food. It’s how you look at things I guess, but positive energy is what everyone needs. Don’t think about the past, the external events… it’s about the now, and how this minute in your life is a privledge, not a right. Enjoy it, take advantage of it, dream, do what you want, what feels good, and let this world grant your every wish… because it can happen! Why not?

Anyway, check out The Secret, and also, please check out Pirates of Silicon Valley. Awesome movie about Bill Gates and Steve Jobs. “Good Artist Copy, Great Artist Steal”

On that line! Good night!

– ETdoFresh