Dear Blog,

I find that the most important part about the Information Age is learning how to learn. I know, you probably think I’m crazy, but it’s true. Information is so readily available, and there’s no way to transfer it to our brains directly, so the next best thing we can do as human kind is to learn how to learn. Suck up as much knowledge as possible and lead our lives. We are on a quest for knowledge, not only about our current existence, but how we can make life better for everyone in the future. We can’t change the past, but we can learn from it. We can’t change the present, because all the decisions of the past has led us to this point. But we can start a change in the present to change the future. That’s why the future is the only unpredictable factor that we have. On the other hand, if we can somehow transcend the present and travel to different parallel universes, then we can change the present (hence changing the past that led up to that present). Hmm, thoughts and thoughts I have, but no way to execute my visions. Even with the limits of my body, the universe is infinitely large, yet infinitely small. Typing on my computer is something I like to do, but would the universe be different if I did not type on this computer? I don’t know if a tiny action like that would change the world, much less, my life… but I think every little bit does affect a strand of the infinitely small universe, which is somehow correlated to the infinitely large universe. But ummm, yeah, my thoughts will get me no where in reality. I want to make a game! I compare it to other joys in life, such as food, beverage, love, entertainment. It gives the reciever a sense of satisfaction and fulfillment in their lives. I have had plenty given to me, and I want to return it. My recent kick has been Mario Strikers Charged. I finally can say I’ve been in first place in this game for once in my life! Of course I took pictures, check it out:

Then I had some fun with my camera I got from ebay. I’ll show you pics from my daily life. Like messy computer desk. The new wood floor Steve and I put in. The dark Beignet in the shadows of the night! But can’t take any more pictures, cause the lens’s manual focus did not work. But seller has another one that may be even better with working manual focus she’ll let me trade it for! So win/win! Can’t wait to get it in!

– E.T.