Dear Blog,

It’s been a few days since I got this case, but the more I play with my iPod Touch, the more I see this god awful case! It’s actually a really cool case, but the color! Ick!

I bought it off ebay. And the seller pointed out, tell me the color on your notes section on PayPal and I will send you that color, otherwise, don’t blame me for the color selection. So I checked out, and didn’t see this box anywhere. He said not to email about color, so I said “what the hey”, I’ll still get a silicone case, and whatever color it happens to be, it’ll be destiny. But my destiny thinks it’d be funny for me to get a pink case! Haha, very funny destiny! Anyway, I’ll keep it on as a reminder for times where I make mistakes. Mistakes happen, it’s no big deal, but I DO have to live with the consequences!

I just woke up from like a 2 hour nap, and I’m wide awake @ 11:25 PM. I guess I’ll sneak some programming in, and see what “work” I can sneak in tonight. Later!

– E.T.