Water Balloon Boys is an action adventure game that I have been wanting to create. It’s a game where Angry Bird meets an Action Game. The player takes control of a kid who can throw water balloons by winding his arm back, and letting the balloon fly!

Here’s a version of the game I tried to create in the past for a 48 hour video game competition.

I have tried implementing this a few times, but I can never get it quite right. I tried in Corona SDK, but now I will try in Unity.

The other interesting part is that I plan to try to implement levels using procedural content generation. There will be multiple environments like forests, neighborhoods, playgrounds, and cities. For my UNO Game Class, I want to try and implement the neighborhood content generation. It is what I’m writing my graduate paper on, and something I’ll post up here.

Here is my proposal I wrote for class:
Game Proposal 3 – Water Balloon Boys