Another awesome tool that is available for independent game developers is Photogrammetry. This takes real world objects and put them into formats such as OBJ, FBX, etc so that you can use on software such as 3dsmax and Mudbox which can then end up finally in Unity or other game engines!

To get a good capture, start with a good DSLR camera (although there are plenty of example of good captures with cell phone cameras). Take about 30-50 shots around the subject. This mainly consists of photos 360 degrees around the object head on. For best results a handful of photos 360 degree around 60 degree above the target should be taken too.  The camera can move, or a turntable should be used (I like the turntable/tripod method myself). Some software will take it from here, where others require that you align photos, generate point cloud, dense point cloud, mesh, and then textures.

At the end of the day however, you should be able to use Mudbox to reduce the polygons significantly, and put it into your favorite game engine! (PS – the model in this scene was my first attempt ever, and it was from my cell phone camera, so ET may look a little beat up here!)