This game is quite different. It’s not one of those games I’ve been dying to make for many years. On the flip-side, I decided to try to make a game on a “whim”. I also was very interested in HTML5 before I started, so this was a perfect opportunity.

I thought of a premise that is light and humorous. A ninja that goes back through time and destroys all bases and armies that may have taken players 30 minutes to an hour to build in a typical real-time strategy game. In a flick of a few shurikens, sword, and ninja bombs, bases and armies would be destroyed. No need to build bases. Just one ninja vs the world!

I was simply having fun when I made this game. There was also a cool mechanic that accidentally came about. A sword that is always sticking out of the ninja where swinging the mouse around swings the sword. The faster you swing, the more damage you do. Fun!

Here’s the link to the game and source if interested.