Dear Blog,

Blogging from my Palm Pre today. I’m very excited to be doing this! I have taken some pictures and I’ll see if I can add them to this blog.

Eesh, alright, had to switch to a computer… can’t upload pictures on my post from my Pre. Well my birthday passed, and it was really fun. I played at Coconut beach, got some gift cards and nice presents! Colleen also got me a these cool balloons. My other pictures are on facebook, but I want to start blogging again, and my Pre takes OK pictures.

Oh, Speaking of my Pre, I love it. I finally “repaired” an ESN like 3 or 4 days ago, and it’s awesome. I’ve spent weeks on it, haha, but to me, it was worth it! I have GPS, WiFi tehtering (router in my pocket), dynamic DNS, SSH, and SFTP. Awesome! I totally love it. I’m selling my bad one, and it’s already 2/3 the price of what I bought it for (thank goodness). Phew! Well, with that money I saved, I bought a case, touchstone charger, and usb data cable. Bad ESN phones sell for really low, but you need to know how to change that number. It’s like changing a SIM Card, but alot darn harder.

So Ultra products! Totally awesome. My power supply went out after a LAN Party, and 3 days later, I have a new one in my computer (and a much better one). They really do mean lifetime warranty! I’m soo surprised. They paid for shipping and everything. The new one even looks kick butt too!
So, last thing, I bought these very generic, but powerful batteries off ebay. I also got a charger. They were all cheaper than buying from a store overall, and better overall.