Dear Blog,

Sorry I had to take a break! The city of New Orleans has been on a Saints Superbowl weekend starting last weekend! In New Orleans, we like to party a lot, and as for me… I’ve been really, really into football this season. This weekend has been great, because our friend had a hotel room down in the quarter, so all day Saturday and Sunday we chilled down there! Goodness, the party started way before we got there!

We watched the game, gave approximately 1000 high fives walking down the quarter, the occasional hugs to strangers, and of course we all got “Crunk” (Crazy A** Drunk. It could mean high and drunk also, but I’m sticking with the first).

Anyway, during all this, before all this, and reading my brother’s posts, I got the thinking. We are always asking ourselves, what do we have to do, when do we have to do it, where do we have to do it, and why do we have to do it? Things from work, to errands, to basic living your life. All good questions to ask, but I think the one that most strikes me is HOW. Men from now to ages ago may have done some wonderful things, but what really makes them wonderful? Our logical minds always tell us, whatever furthers our species as a human race makes someone’s achievements awesome. But thinking about it… how he achieves this marvel is of great importance.

How. How. How. Live life with compassion, with greatness, with heart, with happiness in your actions. Do what you want; but more importantly, whatever you do, do it with a positive, happy mindset. If you focus too much on WHAT, you lose sight, and the moments that are supposed to be the happiest in your life become worrisome, somewhat depressing, routine of “WHEN is this over?". I fall into this trap all the time. I’m trying to get off the “wheel”, but it’s hard. The wheel is easy. The wheel lets you do something, but it wastes time, and overall, wastes life.

It’s my life, it’s your life, live it HOW you want and you too will be a man of the ages.

– ET