Today I’m headed into the city (New Orleans, LA) to present Honest Abe to the NOLA Game Developers Meetup with a few of my classmates and teacher. Should be a fun time! Abe got the keys, so I think we ready to go!

Honest Abe Credits

  • Chris Toups {Producer / Sound Designer}
  • Ted Mader {Lead Developer / Developer}
  • Kyle Whittington {Head of Marketing / Lead Artist}
  • Maurice Robert {Developer / Game Designer}
  • Rachel Farrell {Developer / Game Designer}
  • Edward Garcia {Developer / Artist}
  • Parker Sprouse {Developer / QA Tester}
  • Breena Crump {Developer / QA Tester}
  • Christian Simmers {Artist / Game Designer}
  • David DiMaggio {Sound Designer / Game Designer}