Dear Blog,

Geez, it’s been so long since I blogged last. Life was too fast when I got back home from Sweden, and I could not keep up.

So what happened this past month? Hmmm, let’s see…. my friends Jonathan and Brandi got married. I switched my Wii from playing backup DVDs to loading all games from a USB hard drive (may have been done before, but now cleaned up). I’ve been playing a lot of Mario Strikers lately. Been learning how to do 3D Studio Max for my game. Which leads me to developing my game. I want to develop a game… I said by end of August, but I did not setup a schedule to follow yet… so it may be more by mid September.

I’ve also started training again for the Crescent City Classic 10K Run. I’m luckily just in the speed walking stage, but soon I’ll get to jogging, and then improve my speed in jogging.

So much, so much to report. I really just need to start updating this every night. Well, Colleen’s birthday passed July 14th. We ate out with friends and it was pleasant.

Culture fest happened July 25th. It wasn’t as good as it used to be, but was still fun to record and setup for. Things I may have heard was that it was too preachy, and the performances weren’t as great this year. I agree, and it was too short. I can cut down the performances to 25 minutes! And that’s with a 5 minute power point presentation in the beginning. Anyway, lots of open ended feeling toward that event. I want to be involved in the planning and I want to perform in the next culture fest (2010).

I made (still making) the DVD for this year’s culture fest… took up a few days of my time, but no big deal. I’m also trying to gather all the DVDs from past culture fests so that we can have a collection in the Kaikan of New Orleans.

My investments are doing OK. I decided to Short Sell against two companies, and man… they started going up and up and up… which means money started going down and down and down for me. So, I cut my losses, and bought those stocks again. Not really a good time to invest against the economy, cause it’s getting a bit better now (excellent stock day today).

Hmmm, I’m out of things to report right now… but don’t worry. I’ll be back with pictures……. Oh man! Pictures! That’s what I forgot to mention. I cracked the screen of my camera! Sooo sad! I’ll post pictures of broken camera tomorrow. Once I get a new one, my posts should be more interesting.

Stop, take a second, look at where you are, look at where you want to be, and go!

– ET