Dear Blog,

This is my first entry, and I’m not really sure what I want to say on here. This will be my personal journal, where I will keep my life up to date (and eventually create my own blog system and my own site). But for now, this is where I’ll start.

Well today is officially my first whole day here in Austin. I came in yesterday afternoon, and I’ll mention briefly what I did then. My brother, my mom, and me went to Smokey Moe’s (a local BBQ place) and H-E-B. We bought lots of groceries. But we got home, and basically settled down. I stayed up way too late working on my computer. I was getting ready to be worked on, on my laptop. I guess I went to sleep at 3:00 AM.

So now it’s June 11, 2009. I woke up around 10:30 AM. I had a bagel, cream cheese, and smoked salmon for breakfast. Yum yum. Then I turned on my computer, and started playing. Well, I really want to buy the Palm Pre, but there may be some road blocks. So I did some research. It looks like the SERO plan will definitely not accept Palm Pre as the plan. You can’t even use the Sprint Swap ESN site to get it working, and customer services will not help either (according to forums online). So what now? Well, I guess there is always ESN cloning… but cloning may lead to fraud, hence it is illegal. But I wonder if ESN hard swapping is legal? Telephone company will not know that you have a certain phone, and you own both anyway, so why not just swap ESN if you have the ability to. It took me a few hours to find this, and then my brother calls me up, and mentions that the Pre may only have 4 hours of standby time. Unbelievable! How can you call that a cell phone. You should call it a LAN phone using a cellular signal!

Anyway, I downloaded Adobe Dreamweaver CS4 30-day free trial so that I can finally continue to work on… but I did not actually work on it. But I clocked the time it took to prep my laptop @, cause I think that was a legit use of time.

Once I finally able to rip myself away from the laptop, I took Jacque (my mom’s dog) out to run. We ran a total of 0.75 mi (after 0.5 mi, Jacque did not want to move anymore). I returned the dog, and ran another mile. I’m out of shape, but I really want to squeeze some exercise in before the Sweden trip.

Today’s Weight: 202 lbs

Then my mom came back home, and we had some salad, went to Goodwill, and then took Jacque out one more time. Suddenly, it started thundering, and raining hard, and then hailing. On top of that, we had tornado warnings. It was crazy! But now everything is dying down, and that’s why I’m blogging.

I know my first post has been wordy, and may get wordier as time passes, but it’s a good experience for me to get what I want off my chest. So Thanks!

– E.T.