Dear Blog,

Today we woke up early and we left for Sweden. We started flight in Austin, nad flew to Washington D.C. (4-5 hours). I slept half of this flight and read iWoz. Then we flew across the ocean to Copenhagen, Denmark (7-8 hours). I finished iWoz and it was an amazing book. I also talked to a girl living in L.A. going Norway to visit home. I don’t really talk to people on flights, but I guess this was a first for me. It really did make the flight go by a little more quickly. I also saw Watchmen. That was pretty cool also. Then finally, we took a flight to Gothenborg, Sweden (about 1 hour).

As we landed I took a picture of Sweden. Not really high quality, but I thought it was still cool

We were picked up by Gunnar who had a sign that said “El Sueco” (The Swede). Pretty funny sign. And he drove us about 1.5 hours to Tanumshede. It was great to see old family, and meet new family. We had some lunch, met the family, and we were off! We went down to a small city to the west where we saw many boats, had ice cream, and had a nice tour of nice views.

Then we went to the top of a mountain and saw the whole city. We really had a great time. There has been also many cool facts that I found out. Linux was made by a guy from Sweden and Finland. Also, the guy who made Skype was from Sweden. Also, I hear that Sweden takes care of their people. In addition, if you send your child to school, Sweden pays you for wanting to better your children, hence bettering the nation. This just seems absolutely amazing to me. But I hear that the country may get “boring” if you live here. It’s like having the most amazing steak you ever had, but over and over again. For me, I’m still having a great time, and boring has not entered my vocabulary yet. But right now, it’s really late for me since I’ve been up since 8AM June 23rd and it’s 4:22PM June 24th right now. So I want to go to sleep. But, the sun is still out! It’s 11:22PM and there is still sun! It’s insane, I hear the sun comes back out 2-3 AM. Crazy! Oh yeah, weather is perfect. But the water may be a bit cold. Well, good night, I’ll write tomorrow.

– ETdoFresh