Fall 2016 semester is starting up, and now I got to figure out what my priorities are. Here are my current goals and projects that I am working towards reaching/completing.

Cargo Bay 5, Sink Lab Games

This project is dear and close to my heart. It is my first indie game that a group of us worked on together outside of the classroom. I really want to get this released, but everything else has been getting in the way. (Unity C#)

Use of Police Force Simulation, University of New Orleans

A Master’s Thesis project I am working on. We will use Artificial Intelligence Planner to create an intelligient simulation of an Officer dealing with a situation between mother and adult son who will not move out. (Unity C#)

Principles of Computer Graphics, University of New Orleans

This is a class I am in that will discuss how computer graphics are programmed. Besides that, I am glad I get to relearn a language I learned a long time ago. (MAKEFILE C++)

Registrar’s Office, University of New Orleans

Besides these projects, I also work as Director of Records and Registration and the University of New Orleans. I have many projects in this job alone. But for now, I’m just surviving, trying to keep this department happy and sane, and streamlining as many processes as I can for current and future employees of this department. (PeopleSoft Campus Solutions, SQL, SharePoint)

So, all-in-all, I have a lot on my plate. I barely have time to chill out… and when I do, I feel guilty I’m not working on at least one of the projects above. But, hey, I need to find the right balance where all of these goals get done in a timely, yet comfortable pace.

Wish me luck, and I’ll do my best to keep writing!