Dear Blog,

It’s the sixth day here in Austin, and it was definitely a short day! Woke up near 12 PM… and I did some work on I am slowly, but surely getting that site up. Now I really want to come up with the next project that I want to do. My brother thinks I should get into Apple, like the iTouch and products that will be using that system. I still feel like it’s a saturated area (too many developers), but instead, I feel we can steal that technology and apply it to the Palm Pre. Speaking of the Palm Pre, the WebOS has this major leak (because SDK [Software Development Kit] is not yet public), and you can download the whole Web OS Root from a Recovery Program for when you screw up your pre. Google this word, and you should be able to download it yourself… webosdoctorp100ewwsprint.jar. Then simply go here to find out more about what you can do with the WebOS Root Kit. (I think the download link for the jar file is on that site too).

Before I move on, I wanted to explain what I learned about forms today. Well, the web world, or I’m guessing the Web 2.0 movement, likes to do everything table-less in their HTML code. Well cool, but what about forms? Man! I always thought forms had to be done with TABLES or just really complicated DIVS. Little did I know about these elements: FIELDSET, LEGEND, and LABELS. Wow, you can make pretty cool, professional looking forms with these elements without too much CSS formatting. Very cool. I’m going to recommend two sites here for anyone into web development (and for myself). Fancy Forms using CSS for more about what I was talking about earlier, and Practical PHP Programming for basics on PHP (and good PHP programming practices).

I did a very short jog with mr Jacque, the dog. We went about 1/2 mi jogging, and a very short distance of walking. It was hot, and I was not in the mood today.

Then my mom came home, and she made us dinner (for her, my brother, and myself). As we were eating, my brother discovered some bleeding in my mom’s eye, and straight to the hospital we went. The bleeding wasn’t dripping out of my mom’s eye, but it was internal, all along the left side of her eyeball. After hours in the emergency room, doctor concluded that the injury was not serious, and that it was a popped blood capsule due to some strain on the eye (usually coughing, sneezing, vomitting, but this was not my mom’s case).

So the rest of my night was in the hospital, and now I’m going to drink a little tea, and get some rest.

– Eat Tea