Dear Blog,

I still have to update blog posts TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 8, 2009 to THURSDAY, JUNE 25, 2009, but should be done shortly. I’m basically setting it up so that when you click a pic, you get the full resolution (available on picasa) and that they all use HTML (especially ).

Phew. Anyway. Went to my bud’s house to watch Farve and the Vikings destroy the Cowboys. Can’t wait ‘til New Orleans gets to do the same to them, but that’s 7 days from now.

So what did I really do today?… basically just the title of this blog. I always feel guilty watching TV, but Colleen says she does not! She says “I put in an honest 8 hours a day each work a week, so when I have free time, I don’t have a problem watching TV.” I got to give it to the girl, she’s right! But I don’t put in normal hours, and don’t really keep track (as of yet) how many hours I’m putting into projects. So I feel like, “shoot, if I have free time, I should be working on life altering career that I’m trying to build instead of watching TV”. It drives me nuts! I can’t enjoy a free minute without being haunted. Well. sometimes I can, sometimes I can’t. I get this feeling the most when I sit on my couch at home! The comfiest place is where I feel the most guilty. Come on! Anyway, I’m not worried, cause I will continue to strive for my goal, and ultimately get what I want! Isn’t that what we all want… for E.T. to get what he wants? Haha, kidding… we all desire something, and we all want our goals to come true. Let’s make sure we either get it done or move on… no in-betweenie weenies!

– E.T.