Dear Blog,

Waking up late still, 11:00AM, but today I got back to work. I’m still working on I’m really not getting anything done, just shuffling code around to make it cleaner and more efficient. I was on the computer for about 6.5 hours today working on the site. I guess what I’m trying to do change the million of database functions for each table into one or two functions that work for each and every table. Pretty successful! I also changed it so that userid and usercode get used instead of username(since username is not unique). Soooo, hopefully, if I can work diligently on this site for the next few days, I can get it done! I would love to start working on, I have a few tutorials I want to start on!

Anyway, my mom came home for lunch so that we could eat together. That was nice! She made me a salad, and it was delicious. She made me this the first day I was here too. It was Spinach lettuce, potato, chicken, homegrown tomato, oil, and salt. It was just excellent. Then for dinner time, she made some fixings so we could make Fajitas. Tortilla, Avocado, Chicken, Pico de Gallo, Lime, Cilantro, and Hot Sauce. Great Fajitas, with a strawberry and banana dish for dessert.

We took Jacque for a 1.5 mile walk. I was trying to train him on how to heel. He seems to want to run off ahead, and I believe if he does this, he thinks he has control over us. So what we have to do is keep him on a short leash, and let him know we humans are in control. So after the first round, he was getting used to the idea he has to walk besides me and not way way way ahead of me. So, hopefully I can give him a few more lessons before I leave Austin.

Then my bro came and picked us up to do some shopping. We got some fitness supplies, toiletries, and I bought a memopad so that I can remember key things I want to write in this blog. I also should carry my camera around so that we can have some images to see on this blog!

Well, I’m off to read another chapter of iWoz… good book!

– Edge Trace