between GDScript, C#, F#

I have been really getting into F# lately, and I realize, that I may have a problem. My builds of a nearly empty project is about 20MB bigger. So, I decided to compare all 3 of my language options and make a decision of what I will use going forward.

Example Project

World.tscn [Node Structure]

  • World
    • icon [pre-built icon.png]


extends Node2D
var t = 0.0
func _process(delta):
    t += delta * 5
    get_node("icon").position = Vector2(0, cos(t) * 100)

HTML5 Build Size

16,852,924 bytes (16.0 MB)



using Godot;
public class World : Node
    float t = 0;
    public override void _Process(float delta)
        t += delta * 5;
        GetNode<Sprite>("icon").Position = new Vector2(0, Mathf.Cos(t) * 100);

HTML 5 Build Size

34,617,419 bytes (33.0 MB)



namespace FSharp
open Godot
type World() =
    inherit Node2D()
    let mutable t = 0.0f
    override this._Process delta =
        t <- t + delta * 5.0f
        let icon = this.GetNode<Node2D> (new NodePath "icon")
        icon.Position <- new Vector2(0.0f, cos t * 100.0f)


public class World : FSharp.World { }

HTML 5 Build Size

37,641,899 bytes (35.8 MB)


On size alone, using GDScript wins hands down! However, there will be other factors like performance and support that will go into making my decision. I have read C# is much faster on big data structures/arrays. But as of right now, C# is still in alpha, and god only knows about F#. I used F# just to figure out how to best structure my project so that I can use C# or GDScript in a much more functional way.