Another year in the books! Time to reflect and time to look forward…

Mirror, mirror of the year…

Here are some of the key things I remember from this year…

  • 2018 started with some intense biking for about 2 weeks
  • Mardi Gras spent with my prima Pilly, her family, tia Patty, and tio Gabriel
    • Experienced my first car break in with the family
    • Really enjoyed the sharing of our feelings at the family table with drinks, laughter, and tears
  • Ran the Crescent City Classic with a bad time of ~1:20hr
  • Played many, many Racquetball games with my friends
  • Cut my long hair!
  • Celebrated often in restaurants… probably most I ever have ever
    • Been a great way to connect with my mom and get me out my shell
  • Completed two classes and another year of research with NIL
  • Went to my first academic conference (AIIDE 2018)
    • Presented a playable experience, and participated in a panel
    • Went to Canada!! Wow! Felt like North USA! :p
  • Spent some great days with my brother, nephews, and sis-in-law various times, Thanksgiving being the freshest in my memory!
  • Implemented Target X Integrations at work almost all by myself.
  • Happy I was able to see many family members and friends this year.
  • Started various computer projects (listed on this site).
  • Continue to have a wonderful relationship which I always seem to take for granted with my wife Colleen.

Cruise Control Settings for 2019

So before I go on what I want to change about myself, I guess I should start with what I’ll continue to do…

  • Take my last classes towards the PhD! Yay!
    • Finally get my Computer Science Masters
  • Crescent City Classic again… I really want to finish < 1:00hr
  • Find time to celebrate life with family and friends… always…
  • Starting and finishing projects…. for the rest of my days I hope!
  • Start on some Workday Transition!

Changes for 2019

  • Be more confident in my decisions…
    • I always tend to overthink what I do.
    • I worry too much about others feelings.
    • I don’t put enough emphasis on what I feel.
  • Lead Projects I take on…
    • No longer the days I am a follower…
    • I’m a leader, I need to start acting like one…
    • I must first take charge of myself (above)
    • [Probably will not apply to my day job, lol]