Chrome OS. Is it a web platform? Is it an android machine? Is it a Linux laptop? Much like someone asking me about my identity… I really don’t know!

I got a Samsung Chromebook and I relate to this machine. We are very much capable to do many things, but we don’t know exactly how to deliver that experience to the user.

I can install web apps, but the ecosystem is not quite there. I can make individual web site “shortcut” apps, which is great, but can lead to some unoptimized tablet/laptop experiences. I can install many existing android apps. But seems like I’m just getting the phone version of the app which does not feel good on a laptop/tablet. I can even install Linux apps, but have to support arm64 (even though this is an intel m3?)

Anyway, all that said. As a media consumer. I’m set.

  • I can browse websites using Chrome!
  • I can add a discord website shortcut app
  • I can add a gmail website shortcut app
  • I can install android YouTube
  • I can install android Netflix
  • I can install android Xbox GamePass (xCloud!)
  • I can install android SteamLink
  • I have a Linux command prompt

I mean… I think I’m set on a sub $300 machine with a great display. Keyboard backspace is just a little weird on this particular model. But yeah, as long as I’m not seriously developing. I think this is a great little machine!

Oh, but I am kinda disappointed on the S-Pen experience. No Samsung Notes. No pressure sensitivity. And the particular used model I got has a little bit of an offset from S-Pen to screen with no way to calibrate it.

I like this machine. I think it’ll allow me to consume quite nicely with a nice screen. The only things I miss a little bit are the 120Hz and Performance of my iPad Pro 2017. But besides a little bit choppy at times, The screen size and BRIGHTNESS [you can make it damn bright!], keyboard, and laptop clamshell design (convertible 360 to tablet) definitely win me over!

I am a fan, and will give it a week or so to see if this or my iPad Pro 2017 will be my main consumer device.