So it’s been a while…

I switched gears, trying to find a calling that fits me. I’m still programming of course! I even got a job as a programmer in January! Woot! But my hobby is what drives me. I stopped working on the network physics engine and I started working on a vector animation software targeted for tablets. I feel like with this project I can finish in a semester and it can be a tool that can help game devs everywhere.

But psychologically I am trying to keep it together. I’m 34 years old now with no kids. Life is great in some aspects, but I really don’t have excuses when it comes to not finishing projects. I beat myself up often, and I know I just need to put my focus to the grind stone and go!

I want to be healthier, eat better, do more exercise, but I let it all slide. I feel I’ve become complacent. And that is a dangerous foe.

I like writing on this blog, and I just realized I can do this on my cell! Cool! I’ll write more of these little psychological ones every once in a while. I think the end product will be more motivation for me at least. And hopefully more motivation = better blog posts. ๐Ÿ™‚

Nite! โ€“ ET