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Home Wrecker!

Home Wrecker!

A Global Game Jam game where a house runs around and eats people and materials to keep structural integrity. Play Now! Source Code Game Jam Site...

Honest Abe Post-Mortem Game Dev Meetup

Windows | Mac | Linux (Built 5/4/2016 aka final-3) Android (Built 5/19/2016) Game Meetup Presentation (Thanks Rachel for putting this together!) Today I’m headed into the city (New Orleans, LA) to present Honest Abe to the NOLA Game Developers Meetup with a few...
Honest Abe

Honest Abe Play Now! (No Enemies) Source CodePost Mortem Plus OS Builds Honest Abe is an arcade beat-em up style game about good ol’ President Lincoln. The confederates stole Mary Todd and beat our...

CSCI 5675 – Game Pitches

So today was all about the Game Pitches and Assigning Roles. Here is my game pitch and the winning game pitch, Honest Abe! H20 Wars Pitch Honest Abe Pitch (WINNER!) My two roles: Artist and Developer!