First of all. Does Hugo accept emojis!?!

If there are emojis above this line… it did! :)

So, today, I turn 38. It’s strange… As I approach 40, I thought I’d feel different. Not in a good or bad way, just different. I feel the same now as I did a decade ago (maybe even two decades ago). There are lessons I’ve learned, experiences I had, that is directing me in certain directions… but really no different in my core self. Well the difference is maybe a slightly deteriorating body, but all-in-all… good health… and content with my life.

I am dead-set to find out how I can make a living in the gaming industry this year… but I want to do it on my terms [indie-style :P]. I want to create fun (and maybe even deep) experiences for players across the land. I sometimes surrender to the fact that I will have to work with a big company. But, maybe it can be just that. I can work WITH a company, as a partner or contractor. I don’t have to be a slave to a product, but be inspired by a product that makes me want to go all-in! That’s my dream at least. I’m just starting on my very own journey (for real), and I won’t give up. I’ll make this work!

Now that I’ve age++, I want to make sure I prioritize my life in a way that is helpful to others and myself by writing down big-picture list this year (which will probably be the same every year here on out).

  1. My Mental and Physical Health
    If I take care of myself, I can take care of others…
  2. My Family and Friends
    I have to make sure I set aside some time to spend with those most important to me in my life… there’s no telling how long they or I will be here.
  3. Break into Gaming
    The rest of my time will be dedicated to this. Working on a project, updating my skills, or networking… this is what I’ll be doing!
  4. Travel, Eat, and Play
    Really, outside of the above, the only other thing I would like to do to rejuvenate myself physically and mentally is to travel, eat, and play. Enjoy what this world has to offer!

That’s it! Big Picture… ET’s life! I’m sure, I get stuck in the minutia from time-to-time, but birthdays are great for zooming out for a second and just thinking about… what’s important. And it’s probably the same for most people (maybe replacing #3 with your burning desire). Anyway, here’s to a year where I break into the game industry making cool games while spending time with those I love! Take care everyone! - ET