Dear Blog,

Alright, day after labor day, and everyone’s back to it. I did my EA Sports Active for today, and I want to finish the 30-day challenge they have setup for me… I will!

Anyway, I went to the post office, and shipped my phone to a buyer, and had a subway fresh value meal for $4.50. It was Meatball Marinara today… my favorite!

I also did some 3ds Maxing today, and got to learn a lot about photoshop and textures. I’m getting better and better at blending pictures of different angles into one nice texture that wraps! I’m very excited! Here’s some renders of the textures I made:

Overall, this 3ds Max Modeling for Games is good if you are actually going to use these models in a game. But I’m looking to make some cool looking stuff, no matter how complicated… but maybe that’s what the next chapter will be about!

Plus, making textures gave me a reason to pull out my tablet which is very exciting! Well, it’s uberlate, and I want to catch some Zzzz’s. Later!

– E.T.