Dear Blog,

It’s been ages! I guess I have to post many pictures, since I have some now! Well, first thing is first… I modded a Wii that was updated to 4.2U. Use this thread from GBATEMP, and you’ll be home free. Phew! Anyway, it’s been an eventful few weeks.

Colleen and I now own a home! Alright, Colleen owns a home, but I’ll be living there, paying rent, and doing most of the household projects! We ordered a refrigerator, and that should be coming in next week. I did my first project around the house, but I know there are much much more left!

Let’s go back two weekends ago (around the 2nd of October weekend). There was two cool things I did that weekend… first was toured the LPD 21 USS New York. Very cool stuff.

Then I went off to Brad’s bachelor’s party! They were celebrating in a very nice house in Pass Christian, MS. On the water, where we went fishing, had more than a couple drinks, and just had a very nice weekend.

Then after that, life’s been a blur because it’s been moving too fast. Colleen closed on the house on the 9th, and then we’ve been full speed ahead since. I helped Stephen put some wood floors in for two weekends, one weekend for his living room and one weekend for his bed room.

The first project I took on in the house was to remove a garden that was too close to the deck, and growing all around the A/C unit. So the pictures show that, one second we have a garden, later that day it’s gone!

And then before we ordered the refrigerator, I wanted to ensure that the spigot on the wall was indeed a water spigot. Well one screw, one picture later, we can see that it was a water spigot… but one problem! It would not close back! Not only that, after the picture, the water exploded out of the spigot, and it was no longer a small deal! Well, I called Colleen over for support and she told me to turn off the main water line. I searched desperately in the night trying to find it, and after turning my phone to it’s brightest setting and longest duration, I found the darn thing. I turned off the water, and all the water pressure slowly went away. 10 minutes later, water was no longer an issue, but the spigot still was. I ran over to the Home Depot, picked up the exact same “saddle valve” as it’s called. and replaced the whole thing. Wow! What a different it made. Not only do we have a working valve again, it looks pretty too. I want all my home repairs to go like this… well without the water disaster to begin with.

I’m still living at the Kovac’s for now, and excited about moving soon to my new house. Tons of adventures wait, and hopefully, tons of success also awaits! Well, good night, and hopefully you’ll hear from me a lot sooner… than later!

– E.T.