Dear Blog,

Today in the mail, I got my Nike+ Sensor, and my Nike+ Sensor Pouch (what are the chances that I’d get them the same day?).

I unpacked it, and it was so small. I liked it! I immediately put it on my shoe.

I gave it a little test run around the house, and it seemed to do an OK job. But I then put it up to the real test. I uploaded some music to my iPod Touch, typed in the distance (1.5 mi), and pressed Start! I proceeded to run 1.5 mi, and when I passed out on my back patio, I looked at the miles…. zero! What happened! I hit start? Anyway, I’ll give it another shot tomorrow. I’ll make sure it starts registering my miles before I pick up the pace.

The interface is alright. I was expecting to see more information about my “friends” at Apparently, it’s really hard to friend anyone if you don’t share your info. I shared mine, but my bro did not. I tried “friend"ing him, but it would never let me add him. However, he could request me very easily. He switched his data to publicly available for about 1 minutes, and I saw all his jogs as status updates on his site. But when he switched it back, they all disappeared. We haven’t had a new run available to see if it only shows runs after we become friends, but I doubt it! That sucks, I was hoping to see all the cool graphs of my friends with this thing. I like where Nike+ is going, they just haven’t got there yet. I’ll still continue to use it as my personal time and distance tracker for my runs…. but I wish it was more than that!

– ETdoFresh