Dear Blog,

Today passed quick! I guess it was the sleeping late last night (4:30 AM) and waking up at 11:0 AM.

Well, the three of us (Alex, Brian, and I) got up and had some sushi, checked out Fry’s electronics, and then went to Zilker park. A nice relaxing day after a few days of going out. Then we had to drop Brian off at the airport.

Afterwards, my brother took me took the Sprint store to check out the Palm Pre. I’m a Palm Centro user, and I love my phone… but it’s dying and will need to be replaced in the next couple months. So, the Palm Pre… it’s cool, and it does everything my Centro does, with better web browsing, and countless other features, but it lags! I expect everything instantly these days, and I don’t know if I can handle the lag. But I do want to develop for it, so it may be inevitable. But honestly, the lag isn’t too bad, but I wanted a perfect device. On top of that, I hear that battery life kind of sucks on this device, but I’m not entirely convinced (yet!). As I think now, it will probably be my next device.

Then we stopped by my mom’s and we spent time here. Had some Jambalaya and fruit salad for dinner. It was good! Then we watched Pirates of Silicon Valley! Fun stuff! It’s a movie about Bill Gates and Steve Jobs, and their adventures starting their companies. I really want to find my passion, and work on it.. even if I do start off without much. Back then, it was about features and delivery, but now days, I think it is more about efficiency and use of this power we have. In this movie, Steve Jobs becomes too enthralled in his money and power, then becomes one big pompuos fool who finally gets played by Bill Gates. I think Apple has risen to power again, but it’s not because of their hardware, but their insane ability to get things working how a device should work. The hardware is out there, but I really want a little garage company to kick Apple’s arse! It can be done. We have the hardware out there, we just need to make applications like a MP3 player, and cell phones that do their jobs correct (without the crashing, lag, hang time, and complication of some of the current devices). I want to be on the forefront of this, but I need resources. I need motivation. I need support. But while I’m looking for my needs, when I get back, I’ll try my best to kick some butt, and figure out what us consumers need!

I really want to work with my brohter on this, but it’ll take time, and a great idea… I don’t want to get into just any business, but a business that I can be proud of. I’m soul searching. I’m passion searching. I’m searching! Back on topic, we watch this movie, we walk Jacque, and we all part ways and basically get ready for bed! It was a great night, and I am burnt, sun burnt that is! I wonder what tomorrow will hold?

– Easy Eddy