Dear Blog

My brother’s family came in! I know he was really excited to have his family back from Korea (I know I was happy for him!). I believe I heard that the time difference is about 14 hours. So, if it’s 10:23 PM Sunday here, then it’s 12:23 PM Monday over there. Yeah, so that equals a lot of jet lag for Taehee and my nephews

I did a typical family day, where we ate at McDonald’s, did a 3D puzzle, played with the kids, helped on a 2D puzzle, checked out the cool pictures from Korea, and had a nice homemade meal at night. Alex grilled some pork strips, and my mom made a tomato salad, mashed potatoes, and brownies. It was great.

I packed all my stuff, and went back to my mom’s. I gave the palm trunk in front of the house an ET Zinger, but I couldn’t dig this out. I’ll try again tomorrow morning. It’s just attracting bugs now.

Yesterday, my brother and I also managed to fix my mom’s DVD player with an internal DVD-ROM drive and packing peanuts. As ghetto as it may be, we repaired it, and it works now! Can’t argue with those facts!

Anyway, I’m giving this Mac OS X Another shot, and it seems to be working fine. It also uploads my photos to this blog since I disabled IPv6 (do it if you are having trouble!). Great! I made my first iphone program (a for loop, lol). All the other iphone developers are extremely jealous. What can I say, I’m just pro! Oh yeah, I also disabled sleep mode on my mac by sudo pmset -a hibernatemode 0 so I could save 2 gigs by deleting the sleep file (/private/var/vm/sleepimage) referencing this site. My space is soo limited, and I’m trying to get Adobe suite on here. It’s going to be a tight squeeze.

Well it’s time for bed, so good night all! Only 1.25 days until Sweden! Wow!