Dear Blog,

I had the best sleep I had in a long time today. I went to sleep at 1:30 AM and slept until 12:00 PM today. That only demonstrates how good it’s been!

When I woke up, I ran ~0.5 mi with Jacque and ran an extra 0.75 miles on my own. I’m feeling totally out of shape, and the sun beating down on me doesn’t help either.

Our friend Brian came into town tonight. We picked up some food from the same Smokey Moe’s BBQ place… We must really like it! And then we basically hung out the rest of the night.

Stop 1: C-Hunt (I think?) I’ll try my best to explain this… Outside. Imagine a chain link fence on one side and overhead a large area with picnic tables. Then cover the fence completely with plants an vines. Then attach a bar. That’s where we first went. Totally just a local place in Austin that many tourists will never see… Good times. We met my brother’s coworker, Guy from Australia, and countless others who are aquatinted with the group. Great times.

Stop 2: Down town. We drove around for a little bit and finally found parking (free parking I might add) around 12th street and Guadalupe. We walked, and low and behold when we started even approaching 6th street we see tons and tons of motorcycles. That’s right, there is some sort of convention going on right here in Austin. So it was cool to see blocks as far as the eye can see of two rows of motorcycles on either side of the street. We walked around, got some of that pizza from that joint I always forget the name of. Then headed further down for some margaritas and chips. Then final stop was the Alamo, where Master Pancake Show was presenting The Sixth Sense (basically a group of guys up front mimicking and mocking the movie, like Mystery Science Theater 3000). Great times, and completely hilarious.

Now I’m at my brother’s house and just watched JCVD, a movie where Jon Claude Van Dam makes fun of himself, but surprisingly, kind of a good movie just to chill and watch it unfold. I guess I would recommend it to certain people, but definitely not all. Anyway, now it’s pretty late, and I’m going to get to bed! Hope I can get some pictures on this blog someday soon. Update: Linked to some pix! Night!

– E.Tizzle